has a feature about vinyl with Maoz and others:

(Pic: website link)


Geheimtipp München reporting about us:

(Pic: website link)


Matteo Wiotte has made a cool video-feature about us:

(Pic: Vimeo link)


Awak Kat Mana (extreme popular reality show in malaysian tv)

were on tour in munich and discovered a long sought John Coltrane album:

(Pic: YouTube link)


Radio M94.5 had a feature about us (german):



2hoch5 (Sarah & Bine) have written about us in their blog:

(Pic: website link)


Culture Trip have included us in their »best independent

bookstores in munich« recommendations:

(Pic: website link)


Dieter Mayr (photographer) pictured our shop in his

»stores« project:

(Pic: website link)